Three ocean and beach book covers sizeĀ 1410 x 2250. Just add text and your 20% editing is done. Then you can use the book cover as your own on stores like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, social media, and anything else you wish. Consider the image with your own text, usually the book title and author's name, as your own to use, and copyright, as you desire.

Gallery of Ocean and Beach Book Cover - These book cover examples are small pictures.


You can use all photos, artwork, and templates for Anything You Want, after 20% Editing required (see below). Once edited, you can give away or resell as picture(s) or image(s) as standalone image(s), used inside a template, or used in or on any other document or physical product. What is 20% Editing?

  • You can add text that covers at least 20% of the digital file.
  • You can add a photo filter with at least 20% strength.
  • You can crop at least 20% off of the digital file.
  • You can add a photo layer with 20% coverage or strength.
  • You can use one of our photo layers on top of a photo or image.

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