There are 9 pictures of a pine tree with different effects and artwork. Size is 2560 x 1920 px 300 dpi. The original picture was taken at Danville, Indiana.

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Gallery (Smaller size images, with a watermark). The downloadable photo stock images are full-sized, without a watermark.


You can use all photos, artwork, and templates for Anything You Want, after 20% Editing required (see below). Once edited, you can give away or resell as picture(s) or image(s) as standalone image(s), used inside a template, or used in or on any other document or physical product. What is 20% Editing?

  • You can add text that covers at least 20% of the digital file.
  • You can add a photo filter with at least 20% strength.
  • You can crop at least 20% off of the digital file.
  • You can add a photo layer with 20% coverage or strength.
  • You can use one of our photo layers on top of a photo or image.

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If you want to resell as standalone without editing, please contact us so that we can discuss your needs.