Four photo stock of boat artwork photos sizes 2032 x 1354 px 300 dpi.

Original photos by Author Janet Kovarik with effects by Kimberly Hargis of

We took the harbor cruise of the confluence of the Matanzas River and the Salt Run, where it becomes the St. Augustine Inlet at St. Augustine, FL. A de-masted sailboat, moored along a marsh bank, caught our eye…and made us wonder about who owned it…and why they would “abandon” it in the marshy water. Given that we were in St. Augustine, with its rich history of Spaniards, marauding French sailors, and pirates, we amused ourselves by thinking that maybe the owners had been taken captive, forced to abandon their beautiful sailboat, and when night fell, the pirates would venture out, in a rowboat with muffled oars, and take the boat as their booty…

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